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December Raffle - Winners!
i finished barely on time lmao. but its still december in some places, so it counts! anyway part of this new years resolution is definitely getting things done in good time hahaha
sorry for the wait guys!

i pulled a randomizer, and the winners were:

Snorechu with Blue!
GQuin with Aeron! (happy birthday too omg)
Pollock-InThe-Toilet with James!

congratulations!! please feel free to ask for separates - theyre not transparent, though, so heads up!
thanks everyone for entering and for the influx of followers this year. it really means a lot
sorry for being MIA! its a bit late but im getting to the xmas freebies now - dont worry, i didnt forget hahaha
:lights: :lights: :lights: 

Hey guys!
This is going to be the first Christmas I'm "spending" on DA, so I wanted to do a little something, and after some thinking decided that this winter I'll be offering as many freebie sketches as I can + art bundles in exchange for Christmas event bagbeans from Bagbeans !
(If you're here for the freebies, scroll to the bottom!)

:lights: THE ART DEAL:lights:

Any bagbean from here:

Happy holiday event Bagbeans up for pre claim CLOS by griffsnuff

Will grant you a commission slot of higher value! Say you offer a bagbean you bought for $100, you
might get artwork for $130, and so on - either way, you'll get more than what I'd usually sell for!

I'll draw you:

Bullet; Green Bagbeans

Bullet; Green Furries
Bullet; Green Humans
Bullet; Green OCS
Bullet; Green Fanart
Bullet; Green Monsters
Bullet; Green OC x Canon
Bullet; Green 18+
Pretty much anything I guess??
if you're unsure, please ask!

Star! Star! Star! Star! BONUSStar! Star! Star! Star! 
If you offer:

Bullet; Green Golden Bells
Bullet; Green Silver Angel
Bullet; Green Frosted Berries
Bullet; Green Winter Wonderland
Bullet; Green Snowflake
You get extra art

Here are some examples of what you could order:
Vocaloid Ruby by KitkaloidCome along by KitkaloidVelour by KitkaloidKinu by Kitkaloid
2AM - Entry 3 by KitkaloidLOLOL is life! by Kitkaloid
Pumpkins Ahoy! - Entry 2 by KitkaloidAme Ame Amethyst by KitkaloidGirls, Girls, Girls! by Kitkabean
(GIFT) Dragon's Head by Kitkabean(GIFT) Ra is for Raven by Kitkabean(GIFT) Unicorn Princess by Kitkabean(GIFT) Winter Solstice by Kitkabean
(YCH) Stick by Kitkabean(COMM) Of princes and spiders by KitkabeanHEY, PUNK! by Kitkabean

:lights: THE XMAS FREEBIES:lights:

All through December I'm going to upload doodles of whatever characters you post in the comments below! Keep in mind I'm going to pick randomly and won't be uploading at set dates, or in set types of art - you could get anything from a sketch to a lined piece to full colored art, at whichever date! Just know it'll all happen sometime December.

You're allowed to post as many characters as you want, your own or somebody elses (with their permission)
but you can't win more than two times..

If you're interested, please fill this out and post it under the appropriate comment below!

Character name:
Personality: (you can be brief or detailed, your choice!)

ive never edited before so this journal is all sorts of messy LMAO...
either way thank you and stay warm! ;> ; //Kit

:lights: :lights: 

Thank You
super quick sketch of rin from the shelter mv inbetween work! im super swamped this whole week, but im going to try and squeeze in some things that ive been
wanting to put up here and over on Kitkabean before christmas ..anyway this song and mv KICKED my HEART IN THE ASS

My Tumblr:
Litten, Litten, Litten!
this is my way WAY overdue continuation of this:
 Rowlet, Rowlet, Rowlet! by Kitkaloid 
and a gift for the lovely girlfriend (
hope you like it! it was a little trickier to design for, but i think i managed something.
tell me if you want to see popplio too!

My Tumblr:


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Miss-Italia Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Filmographer
Nnngghhh! I love your art so much! ;w; Will you ever accept commissions? 
TardyPrincess Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is so fabulous! Keep it up >vo/
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vihms Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016
wow I just adore your art so much!
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tokavii Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016
your art is so pretty and nice!!
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milksharks Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg your art
is so pretty
do you have commissions open ??
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