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Vampire Lord by Kitkaloid
Vampire Lord
my laptop stopped recognizing the tablet as i was close to done with this, so i had to finish the background ghosts with a mouse! thats whytheyre KINDA wobbly. RIP since i have a ych to finish?? pray i find a fix going out today. anyway, another oc of my girlfriend's! i put down the design, but the concept is all hers. his name is hachi and he's a ball of energy who likes going around pretending to be a demon or vampire lord.

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Brady by Kitkaloid
AA well this isnt a finished piece! it's been sitting around in my oc folder for a while but i thought i'd share it?.. this is brady, my gf's oc. he lives on a boat with a truck load of cats lol

My Tumblr:
Beanthulhu (read desc!) by Kitkaloid
Beanthulhu (read desc!)
i couldn't resist drawing a little ra for sin LOL.. she already gave me feedback and i'm so happy she likes it! i'll probably vector the other ones i did when i have the time, just so they look neater and more clean.

ONTO THINGS! i'm having a lot of fun drawing these bagbeans alongside the DTA pillowing baby, but i noticed it doesn't jive well with all my watchers, which i understand, since this account isn't used to the influx of bb things! so since i want to join events and tasks which would need me to be VERY active, i made a bagbean side-account, which is here: if youre in the bb group, please follow me there as my bagbean works will be put up over there from now on. the pillowing stuff is kind of personal, though, so you'll just have to deal with that hahaha

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Beanline by Kitkaloid
a whole line of beans! sorry im not uploading much with bgs lately. trying to get some of my doodles up here so i dont hide them away to dust haha
random sketchies of beanies belonging (from left to right) to FluffleBear, Leahlinn and Kandy-Cube !

(bagbeans are a closed species)

My Tumblr:
EXTRA! EXTRA! by Kitkaloid
READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
hooo alright. meme is super cute i wasnt going to draw him? but the announcement got me on a bean hype so i did hahaha
meme the bagbean belongs to griffsnuff ! <3

(bagbeans can be found here)

My Tumblr:
So guess who's in America?

BAM! It's me. Amazing.
I'll be selling buttons and prints of several things.
Come say hi heahehehe.

I'll be sitting at table L30!

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